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    Geometrical Tools

    Transparent PlasticRuler 30 cmSquare 16 cm x45Square 23 cm x60Protractor ..
    4.00 SAR
    Transparent PlasticRuler 30 cmSquare 13 cm x45Square 18 cm x60Protractor ..
    6.00 SAR
    Transparent PlasticSquare 32 cm x45Square 32 cm x60..
    10.00 SAR
    Brand: ARK
    Transparent PlasticCompassRuler 30 cmSquare 21 cm x45Square 21 cm x60Protractor ..
    7.00 SAR
    Contain the following:Study compassStudy Drive15 cm Rule180 Protocol er45 Set Squire60 Set SquireErasePencil SharpenerPencil Letter RulerShapes Ruler..
    8.00 SAR
    Brand: KORES
    High quality metal compass in special neon designsWith robust gear wheel adjustment in grooved compass headWith non slip needle and lead clampsIncludes an adapter to use with fine liners, color pencils, etcIncludes an extra leadReusable designed protection case for safe storageEasy control for..
    28.00 SAR
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